We know that your vehicle’s appearance is important, and the Auto Accenting Team is ready to style your automobile just the way you dream it should be…and help you keep it that way.

Because of that, we provide a lot of ways to enhance your vehicle like
air intakes, custom air rides, wheels and tires, detailing, lifts and lowering kits, paint protection, vinyl wraps, lighting, undercoating, window tinting and a full line of accessories for your car, truck, SUV and UTV.

To make sure we understand what your objectives are, we will have a one-on-one creative discussion with you to determine your requirements and desires. In our VIP Consultation Room, we will review your wishes and offer you a variety of detailing opportunities to meet your budget and enhancement requests.

Each detail service offers attention to interior and exterior surfaces. Our performance enhancements, aesthetic improvements and protection services deliver you an even more distinguished ride than when you drove in. We put your vehicle back on the road with a look that will turn heads.

The Auto Accenting Team is proficient in car care and focuses on making your automobile stand out and make you proud. The services offered come from years of experience in the automobile enhancement and protection industry. Our customer service and customer satisfaction are both top-notch and we are the preferred enhancement center in the area.

With our personalized approach, we get your vehicle looking amazing – that starts with our experienced team of professionals.  The premium car care experience at Auto Accenting enables us to deliver high quality service on every vehicle we work on.

We all have different desires for our vehicles and no two vehicles are the same. So, we encourage you to make an appointment with us and bring your vehicle down to our showroom to have a good look at the canvas. From there we can come up with an action plan to bring your goals to realization.

In addition to offering mind-blowing enhancements, we also install residential and commercial specialty protective coatings including window film.

We treat each project as a direct, personal assignment. We craft each and every enhancement with the same quality we would expect on our own vehicles or property. For those who value craftsmanship, Auto Accenting is the place to get premier solutions with matchless service.

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