Applying window film to your vehicle makes it look great and distinctive, but it can also provide additional benefits too. It blocks 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting you and the occupants in the vehicle, which can prevent skin or vision damage. The carbon layer in the film can block almost all of the infrared heat keeping your vehicle at a reasonable temperature in the summer. Plus, another excellent advantage is that you have increased protection for your vehicle’s interior surfaces which extends the life of the finishes. All of this is backed by a strong manufacturer warranty.

The application of film coating to windows is performed by our trained and certified technicians. Preparation and proper installation are key to a successful superior looking window film installation. We take our time to minimize imperfections and Auto Accenting excels in this area as our technicians are trained and follow strict shop protocol during installation with quality checks along the way.

Advantages of Tinted Windows


    Stay cooler and reduce A/C use


    Block the sun’s harmful UV rays


    Avoid cracks and fading


    Shaded glass conceals the view

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