At Auto Accenting, we offer all brand name suspension lift kits, leveling kits and lowering kits for cars, trucks, and UTVs. When a suspension lift is installed it raises or lowers the suspension geometry by replacing factory components with modified torsion bars, springs, spindles, and shocks. With a suspension lift, this creates greater travel and allows for significantly taller tires and creates more clearance between the axles and ground surfaces. In addition, the articulation will also improve significantly with a quality suspension lift. 

Contrasting the suspension lifts, we also offer lowering kits to drop your ride closer to the ground for that smooth sleek look and improved handling. Every lowering kit or spring set up we offer is engineered and custom made for your specific vehicle. From coil-over packages, lowering springs or shackles to complete lowering kit packages with sway bars, strut towers, and braces. We can help you achieve the desired look and performance for your ride.

The techs at Auto Accenting take pride in the fact that all suspension work is done in our local shop located in Zelienople.

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