Making the decision to have your vehicle professionally detailed means having the vehicle cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out, beneath the vehicle, around the wheels, wheel wells, and engine bay. 

We offer high-end professional detailing and ceramic coatings as an authorized dealer and installer of professional products for all vehicle types, and at Auto Accenting, there is a deep passion in our expert technician’s DNA. We take detailing very seriously and it shows with the level of expertise and precise attention by our team. Through the use of the top materials and up-to-date, advanced techniques we can achieve a show-quality appearance. 

This process is a meticulous and thorough method performed with top-of-the-line specialty instruments and machines, plus state-of-the-art products. But the passion doesn’t stop there. Auto Accenting’s technicians will make every effort to also make light cosmetic touch-ups to your interior and exterior in an effort to make your vehicle look pristine.

A routine washing and vacuuming of your vehicle will get most of the visible surface dirt. However, our high-end auto detailing process goes light years beyond this. When you place your trust in Auto Accenting to perform your detailing, we will take great pride in caring for your vehicle, which will result in a second-to-none shine with long-lasting durability.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Clay Treatment


Engine Bay Treatment

High-End Waxing

Leather Treatment

Paint Correction

Paint Sealing


Stain Removal

Water Spot Removal

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