Ceramic coating exists as a liquid polymer composed of ceramic particles, these particles harden when applied to your vehicle and chemically bond to the surface once it has had time to cure. The product application is done by hand including specially designed applicators and must be done according to a specific time schedule for optimum results. In addition, extensive preparation and cleaning is involved in order for the deep, smooth, and shiny outcome to be achieved.

Because of this multi-step process the cost of applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle can vary depending upon protection levels selected of 1, 2, 3, or 4. These ceramic coatings are considered to be semi-permanent, lasting up to several years on your vehicle. The life span of the coating will really depend on which level you choose and how your vehicle is used, stored, and cared for.

Diligence in the prep work of your vehicle is vital and an experienced detailer will provide that. If the preparation is not handled and the coating is applied too soon, those imperfections will be sealed underneath the ceramic coating for years. Meticulous cleaning and decontamination by a certified technician will ensure proper results.

It is important to seek out a professional shop who has trained technicians in the process and application of ceramic coatings. This is often overlooked when shopping for this service and can be a game-changing experience with less than satisfying results.

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