• Bed Covers

    We offer an assortment of truck bed covers from simple vinyl roll-up covers, to painted fiberglass covers; we have them all. What a great way to protect your cargo and improve your fuel economy. Regardless of your bed size, we have a cover solution for you.

  • Bed Liners

    Something that all pick-up truck owners should invest in is good protection for their bed’s cargo area. Check out the assortment of options from basic drop-in liners to mats, and the most common spray-in liner. Make an appointment or stop in to discuss options and pricing.

  • Blind Spot Monitoring

    Senses everything in size from bikes to semi-trucks. Accurately monitors the lane next to the vehicle. Audible tome and visual light alerts drivers when there is a vehicle in your blind spot.


    Braking upgrades are an important active measure to take in order to improve your performance package. When you add more power, having the adequate braking ability to reign in that power at high speeds becomes more and more important. For overall safety, it’s just the right thing to do.

    Sufficient brakes are not just a good idea, they are a necessity for protecting your precious cargo as well as to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

  • Exhaust

    If you are looking to add additional performance to your car, truck or UTV, a new exhaust system is a good consideration. A high-quality exhaust will provide less restriction allowing ultimate performance by letting the engine gases flow more freely. You will be rewarded by instant torque gains and improved horsepower. There is nothing like sitting in the cockpit of your vehicle and hearing the deep tone that is acoustically designed for you. You will also feel satisfied with your new sound output, which will set you apart from the crowd. 

  • Floor and Cargo Mats

    Get that extra protection and personalization through our wide selection of custom floor and cargo area mats. Protection and style are all in one.

  • Ghost Shadow Door Kits

    Show your Manufacturers brand or whatever image you would like directly on the ground when you open your door! Universal kits for just about every vehicle.

  • Grilles

    Custom grilles are a way of expressing yourself through your vehicle while making a statement as to who you are. It is the face of your vehicle and what people see head-on just as if they were looking at you right in the face. Auto Accenting has a great selection of custom grilles for every auto, truck and SUV out there and sure to fit your personal taste. 

  • Heated and Lumbar Seats

    Can’t beat a warm seat in the winter. Universal systems for different applications. They meet all OEM Standards.

  • Remote Starters

    Reliable convenience to start your car remotely. Many options are available for several different makes and models.

  • Power Lift Gates

    Available for certain makes and models. Adjustable height allows for control over lift gate height. Smart control enabled to sense objects in the line of closure.

  • Power Step Bars

    If you like the clean look under your rocker panels and are tired of climbing the great divide to get in your ride, then these power step running boards are the way to go. They slide out as a sturdy step when you need them. Then they are hidden away when you are rollin’ along. 

  • Vehicle LED Lighting

    Endless options to brighten your world including headlight upgrades, undercarriage, off-road and more.

  • Undercoating

    The destructive force of corrosion is often the single greatest threat to your vehicle. Consistent exposure to rain, wind, and snow can lead to rapid deterioration, not only resulting in poor appearance and loss of value but safety issues as well. Road salt, brine, and debris cling to the vehicle under vehicle bodies, eating away at metal and electrical connections. Let us provide you with the ultimate in your vehicle’s protection.

    Our undercoating is manufactured using an intricate heating and blending process. It combines specially processed wool wax, highly refined petroleum oils, and corrosion inhibitors. As it’s applied, the lanolin-based liquid forms a unique surface that stops existing rust on contact. It penetrates immediately and creates a solid, self-healing barrier that is always active and will not chip or crack.

  • UTV Accessories and Suspension Lifts

    Don’t let the name “Auto” fool you, Auto Accenting offers a broad range of suspension lifts and accessories for your UTV and ATV no matter what brand you have. We are an authorized dealer for Super ATV and are a proud sponsor of a local UTV GNCC Series circuit driver. You will enjoy years of riding these great machines and your passion for off-roading will only grow. We hope to have you in and talk about the different options for your off-road vehicle.

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